How To Resolve Negative Drainage Issues

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If you’re looking at pools of water in your lawn or a sudden collection of water by the side of your home, you might be experiencing poor drainage problems. If left unchecked, the excess water from these negative drainage issues can destroy your home’s foundation and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.

However, if the accumulation of water isn’t extreme, a few minor adjustments to your landscaping can correct your problem within a reasonable amount. To help you see how, the landscaping and excavating experts at AS/F Contracting have listed three negative drainage issues and explained why and how they should be addressed.

1. Your paving stones are settling against the house.

Sometimes pavers may sink into the soil, making your patio uneven and preventing water runoff. This issue usually arises when the paving stones aren’t installed evenly or in case there is an excess of water underneath them. To solve your uneven pavers situation, you will need to remove the sunken paving stones and re-grade the gravel in that area before putting the pavers back.

2. Your yard is improperly graded towards the house.

If your yard is graded towards your house, you are likely to face an issue where water runs towards and pools near your home’s foundation walls. A yard that is improperly graded in this manner will ultimately impact the foundation as excessive amounts of water will seep in, and lead to the foundation’s deterioration. To prevent this from happening to your home, you will need to raise the elevation around your house for positive drainage. That means, the ground around your property should slope downwards and away from the building.

3. Your concrete is pitting.

Concrete pitting is a situation where small holes or pits appear on a concrete surface, which causes it to become uneven and worn. These small holes then collect water over time and widen, making the concrete weak and disrupting the drainage of water. To prevent this issue from occurring around your home, make sure to seal your concrete every two to three years.

If you’re looking to skillfully correct these drainage issues or avoid them while improving the landscape surrounding your home, reach out to the experts at AS/F Contracting. We specialize in full-service landscaping and excavating in Calgary, AB, and have over twenty-five years of experience in this business. Our services can be customized according to your needs as we are flexible with our work and eager to ensure you are satisfied.

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